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Terbium oxide
Fomila: Tb4O7
CAS No.: 12037-01-3
Appearance: Brown
Solubility: Insoluble in water, moderately in strong mineral acids
Stability: Slightly hygroscopic
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Copper Cathode
Cu 99.96- 99.99 %

Thickness0.5 to 2.5mm width 600to1500mm length as per your requirement

Application: For air conditioning and refrigeration service

Size: ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Color: Silver and gold
Density: 220-280Kg/m3
Porosity: 1100-1200Kg/m3

Vermiculite is most widely used in its exfoliated form. The ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
CAS No.: 37971-36-1
Other Names: PBTCA 50% 2-Phosphonobutane -1, 2, 4-Tricarboxylic Acid
MF: C7H11O9P

PBTCA has low content of phosphoric, has ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Dysprosium oxide
Formula: Dy2O3
CAS No.: 1308-87-8
Appearance: White powder
Solubility: Insoluble in water, moderately soluble in strong mineral acids
Stability: Slightly ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Tungsten powder
Purity: 99.95% min
Size range FSSS: 0.6-20um

Dark greyPacking: In iron drum lined with double plastic bags of 100/200kgs net each.

Use: ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Tin Powder/Sn Powder
1. Sn purity: 99%
2. Silver gray powder
3. Size: 150/75/45/38um
4. Environmental Protection

Metallurgy, electrical carbon product, ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Germanium powder
Organic Germanium
Molecular Formula: (GeCH2CH2COOH)2O3
Character: White crystal powder
Purity: 99.9%
Solubility water: 20g/L water(60 centigrade)
Packaging: ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Selenium powder

CAS: 7782-49-2
Purity: 99.5% Min
Packing 25kg/iron drum
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Rhenium Powder
Re 99.99% Min (Calculated by subtractive method)

Appearance: Dark grey powder
Common uses: As an additive for super-alloy; Production of sheet foil, strip or ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Tianium Powder
Standards: GB/T 2524--2007
Purity grade: 99.5%-99.6%
Grain size: 0.83mm-25.4mm
UN NO. 2546Granularity: -20meshi, -40mesh, -60mesh, -80mesh, -100mesh, -200mesh, ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Silicon Powder-Silica Powder
Properties: Silver gray or Dark gray metallic luster powder.

Application: Used in metal ceramics, hard alloys and diamond tools, Electronics, ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Copper sulfate
CAS No: 7758-98-7
Other name: Copper Sulfate Monohydrate
HS Code: 2833250000

Appearance: The blue chip department of crystallization

Property: ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
PAA-Polyacrylic acid
CAS No. 9003-01-4

1. Properties:
PAA is innoxious and soluble in water, it can be used in situations of alkaline and high concentration without scale ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Niobium Powder
Purity 99.9%Min.

This product is widely used in powder metallurgy.
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Diethylene Triamine Penta Methylene Phosphonic Acid-DTPMP. Nax
CAS No.: 15827-60-8 22042-96-2
MF: C9H23O15N3P5Nax

1. Properties:
DTPMPA is innocuous, easy to be dissolved ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
PESA-Polyepoxysuccinic Acid
Molecular Formula: HO(C4H2O5M2)nH
Molecular weight: 400-1500

Properties: PESA is a multivariate scale and corrosion inhibitor with non-phosphor ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Ethylene Diamine Tetra (Methylene Phosphonic Acid) Sodium

CAS No. 1429-50-1
Molecular Formula: C6H12O12N2P4Na8
Molecularweight: 612.13

Properties: ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
AminoTrimethylene Phosphonic Acid-ATMP
CAS No.: 6419-19-8
Alias: Aminotrimethylene phosphonic acidMolecular formula: N(CH2PO3H2)3

1. Property
ATMP has excellent chelation, ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Dodecyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride
CAS No.: 8001-54-5
MF: C21H38NCl

1. Benzalkonium Chloride is a kind of cationic surfactant, belonging to ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride (HPMA)
CAS No.: 26099-09-2
1. Properties: HPMA is a low molecular weight polymeride, with average molecular weight 400-800. No toxicity, soluble ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Ferroniobium alloy
1. Composition: Fe, Nb+Ta, Ta, Al, Si, C, S, P, W, Mn, Sn, Pb, As, Sb, Bi, Ti
2. Brand: FeNb70, FeNb60-A,
3. Material: Ferro niobium concentrate ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Cadmium powder

Cadmium OxideUse: Organic catalyst

Packaging: 25kg/bag or as your demand
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Activated carbon
CAS No.: 7440-44-0
Purity: 100%
Color: Black

1. Activated carbon is carbon with highly developed holes.
2. It offers large specific surface ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton